GearUp4CF Day 7: Creston to Cranbrook

On day 7 we crossed over into Mountain Time. It was a rolling 105km ride with an ever so gentle incline. Just enough to rack up around 800m of climbing for the day. It was a pretty nice ride. Except that it was pissing with rain for the first 70km or so. Although the forecast was for a light sprinkling of 1-3mm, we were drenched within minutes of setting out. Never mind.

Big trucks, wet roads. Photo from 2 days ago (and not of me!) but there was more of this to contend with today.

Big trucks, wet roads. Photo from 2 days ago (and not of me!) but there was more of this to contend with today.

After yesterday’s climb my legs felt surprisingly good so I spent most of the day at the front of a gentle pace line creating some draft for the riders behind me. Bonus: less time getting muck in my face from the wheel in front. Downside: The rain was so heavy that I could barely see. I was pretty much guessing when I pointed out debris on the road to the riders behind.

It was too wet to take pictures but I know there are a few floating around that I’ll endeavour to track down. Most simply show me soaking wet and covered in muck. (There might be one or two of me climbing into the hotel’s enormous tumble dryer and going for a spin.)

The pic above is from 2 days ago when conditions were much the same. Wet roads, big trucks.

Tomorrow is day 8 and is another flat(ish) day. The forecast calls for more rain too. No matter the weather we’ll gear up and get out there once more.

About emilytakesabreak

This year I'm taking a break. I'm setting out to live life a little differently. Enjoy it more. See more and do more. And help more. I want to give back, in a very local way, to people and businesses I care about. I'll be taking on new projects, trying out new ways of making a living and hopefully have a great time.
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