GearUp4CF Day 8: Cranbrook to Invermere

The penultimate day of the ride was a rolling 135km. The forecasters called for rain but the weather gods were on our side. After a light sprinkle in the morning it was dry and cloudy with the wind pushing us from behind.

We rode fast and hard, covering the first 96km to lunch in under 3 hours. I spent most of the morning staring at Paul’s wheel and getting as close as I dared. It was quick going, particularly considering our tired legs and various aches and pains. (As the ride goes on we’ve all become increasingly liberal with the application of chamois cream.)

Our picturesque lunch stop.

Our picturesque lunch stop.

After lunch I didn’t have the legs to keep up the pace, so I rode on my own and took the opportunity to look up and take in the view. Beautiful rolling hills, snow capped Rockies and plenty of little lakes dotted the roadside. It was blissful.

Selfie on a quiet road.

Selfie on a quiet road.

Great views today

Great views today

Today we met up with a group of riders doing a weekend challenge – they rode out from Banff and will turn around and ride back there with us tomorrow.

And then it’s all done. Just 154km and a couple of climbs to go.


About emilytakesabreak

This year I'm taking a break. I'm setting out to live life a little differently. Enjoy it more. See more and do more. And help more. I want to give back, in a very local way, to people and businesses I care about. I'll be taking on new projects, trying out new ways of making a living and hopefully have a great time.
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